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The children in my care enjoy a wide range of activities planned around their interests and stages of development. Some are adult led and others are self selected from the wide range of resources available. There is no typical day but an example of the sorts of activities on offer is:

Group games– to play with other children, learning social skills as we go.

Messy Play – gloop and flour and noodles and paint, mud, wet sand, indoors and outdoors.

Floor Play – Marble runs, lego, board games, hide and seek….

Physical Play – tunnels and tents, ball pit, bikes, cars, trikes, chasing games, garden play, park trips, beach outdoor gym etc

Quiet Time – books, snuggles, chatter, cuddles, story telling, drawing, listening to story tapes, music

Creative Play–  paints, chalks, scissors, sticking, cooking, drawing, tearing, playing music, dancing, singing, pretending, dressing up

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